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Sponsors & Partners

Texas Hands and Voices appreciates the ongoing support of various organizations throughout the state. This support along with our individual participants, helps to fund the many things we do to reach out to Texas Families in support of our mission.


We would like to thank the following organizations for their sponsorship of Texas Hands & Voices.  We encourage our membership to personally thank our sponsors if the opportunity presents itself! 


Business/Organization/Agency Members

Visual Communication Services

Dallas Hearing Foundation


Donations in 2016 of $100 or more:

FOE #3743
anonymous through Benevity 
Crawford Family
anonymous (DFW area family)





Business/Organizations/Agencies we have partnered with for projects and programs





TEA ESC Region 11

Texas Hands & Voices High 5 Awards

2014 - Diana Poeppelmeyer

2014 - Lisa Crawford

2014 - Kids Excel El Paso

2014 - Marcia Crouch

2014 - Shelly Bergeron

2015 - Christine Moody

Texas Guide By Your Side Champion Awards

Dr. Rachel St. John - Director: Family-Focused Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children UT Southwestern and Children's Medical Center Dallas

Julie Johnston - Deaf Ed Director at Live Oak Elementary Austin TX

Dr. Michelle Hsieh Pho - Marine Paul Specialty Care Center, Audiologist Dell Children's Medical Center of Central Texas

Jean Origer MSW -Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services Division for Early Childhood Intervention

Penny Pittman Lead Teacher - Abilene RDSPD