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Programs & Projects

Texas Hands & Voices programs and projects to help you and our children...


Guide By Your Side

GBYSweb.jpgGuide By Your Side™ is a Hands & Voices program that embodies our strong values of direct peer connections and networking. It promotes self efficacy and hinders isolation by exploring our common bond, shared experiences, challenges, wisdom and insight.

We have Parent Guides and Deaf/HH Guides who are specially trained to provide families and children with invaluable perspectives that come from personal experience.  Guides offer resources, information, encouragement, and an opportunity to network with other families and D/HH adults.

Guide services to families include:

  • Direct parent-to-parent emotional support
  • Sharing information and resources in an unbiased manner
  • Workshops, trainings, and events for parents and children
  • Networking opportunities with other families
  • Referrals to other programs that serve deaf or hard of hearing children

Parent Guide and Deaf/Hard of Hearing Guide services to professionals can include:

  • Program information and outreach materials 
  • Partnership opportunities for family/parent events

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Contact information:

Michaela Hamaker –Texas Guide By Your Side™ Program Coordinator

512-462-5738 (voice)  or email 

María I. Muñiz - Enlazadora Estatal para Hispanos  512-743-7972

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Follow Through Guides

Our Follow Through Guides (FTGs) have the same training as our Parent Guides but also work with the DSHS TEHDI program and providers to reach out to families whose child has possible hearing loss or has just been diagnosed.  Our FTGs encourage these families to follow through on their appointments and to enroll in some form of early intervention (such as ECI) if their child has hearing loss.  The FTGs also work with providers by providing technical assistance, education and outreach to improve the role of the early hearing detection and intervention process in Texas.

Contact information:

KELLIE BERGER - Executive Director 
936-463-8948 (voice)  or email  


Sarah Wainscott - FTG Program Manager


Event Support Program


Texas Hands & Voices is growing by leaps and bounds and endeavors to create a strong network of families and professionals all across Texas.  The Texas Hands & Voices Event Support Program was created to support social events and educational trainings for families with children who are deaf or hard of hearing by providing monetary and planning support. Parents, family members and professionals are eligible for this fantastic opportunity to receive up to $150 in reimbursement monies to help host a social or educational training event in their community.



COMING SOON - Advocacy Support Training

Please take our Interest Survey HERE: https://gbys.formstack.com/forms/astra_survey




“Advocacy begins with a thorough understanding of the “what” – what you’re advocating for, and what you need to know to advocate for it effectively.” 

Educational Advocacy For Students Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing: 

The Hands & Voices Guidebook

 is available for purchase HERE 

 related documents can be found HERE